Comic Art Sale on Ebay by Diêgo Silveira

Diêgo Silveira has edited and produced
comics published independently.
It also had a prolonged incursion
through the universe of the institutional comic.
He developed storyboards for advertising
agencies and also taught classes on drawing,
screenplay and other similar subjects.
Many of these activities are still carried.

Today this author  has dedicated a special focus to the creation and commercialization of the ordered arts. 
Generall made available on auction sites such as Ebay.

These drawings show us famous characters
(such as Marvel and DC) and others not necessarily
known internationally (such as the character of a
customer who had decided to order a particular art).
In this way, we see from Superman and Batman, passing the beautiful heroines Batgirl, Supergirl, among others, to his character, product of his own daydreams.

Keep an eye on what Diêgo has been producing and get yourself a commissioned art, too, within your own specifications. For this you just have to contact him and schedule his art. All for the best prices.